Use of certain foods to improve your memory

If you are an avid eater and like fast food and then hope that this diet can help you to improve your memory then let me assure you that junk foods can although make you obese and cause you diabetes but they cannot improve your memory. Diabetes itself is very destructive for memory formation and recovery. While choosing a diet to improve your memory, you shod be cautious about having certain ingredients in it. Vitamins are very important in this prospective because Vitamin C helps to reduce the memory loss while Vitamin B12 and B6 are known to protect the brain. Vitamin B is present in liver, certain vegetables and whole grains. Vitamin E and other antioxidants on one hand aid body’s immune system to fight against the infections and on the other hand they improve brain function by maintaining the chemical balance and shielding the effects of food pollutants.

If you are a sufferer of memory loss then don’t try to remember these things, get a print out of these paragraphs instead and then start taking these foods to improve your memory. You need some changes in your diet for this purpose. An indirect way is to start taking fruits and vegetables because they are rich in fiber and reduce the carbohydrate absorption in the human body. In this way incidence of high blood sugar levels is decreased and memory function is improved as hyperglycemia cause reduction in brain function.

Watermelons, tomatoes, cherries and radish are known as red foods. These foods are rich in Vitamins and are known to improve memory by making blood circulation better, which in turn maintains body temperature. Red foods also boost up body energy which results in elimination of depression and betterment of focus to improve memory.

I don’t know about you but I like fish mostly because of its taste but it Sardines and other fish help in improving memory. Although this effect is short time but intake of fish twice a week can serve the purpose. This is due to presence of certain fatty acids in fish which are helpful in boosting up memory function. Certain oils such as fish oil and olive oil also contain similar sort of fatty acids and you can use them to cook food if you don’t like fish. Decrease in brain content of certain lipids is the main cause of age related memory problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This shows the importance of intake of these fats.

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