Dermagen IQ Review : (UPDATED 2018) Restorative Anti-Aging Cream

Dermagen IQ Review: Should you Try it?

The Dermagen IQ product is the latest in a sea of anti-age products coming out every single day. There is no magical product that will automatically make you look younger, but there are some ways to slow the aging process and perhaps reverse some of the signs such as fine lines and spots. Some of the advertised products Dermagen IQ do show to be effective, though not magical, while others simply make money off of women’s desire to look younger and beautiful.

Where does this product fall? Honestly, just by a quick glance over the website I can easily see that there really are some problems with it, but I don’t think that necessarily reflects the quality of the product itself. Today the idea is to get more and more marketing material out there, regardless of the quality, and ignore the fact that if the product itself is really good it will sell itself. With that said, I cannot say I expect the exact results that are noted in the website, mainly because they usually get your hopes up for something much more than the product can deliver, but there is hope that it can have some sort of positive effect.
Dermagen iQ

What is Dermagen IQ?

This is the latest anti-aging cream that claims to be able to help reduce stubborn fine lines all the while restoring and firming your skin. In addition to this, it is claimed to help brighten the appearance of your skin and in general help you look younger and your skin healthier.

All of this is possible through one of the key ingredients in the product, Vitamin C. We all know of vitamin C as taken internally, but this product incorporates it in its formula to be used topically. It plays a major role in the maintenance of your skin keeping it radiant and resilient. This is because it is important in the production of collagen which is a protein essential for skin elasticity.

Our skin naturally has Vitamin C in it but over time the levels drop mainly due to factors like exposing your skin to pollutants, cigarette smoke, and UV rays. They, along with the natural decline of Vitamin C in the skin cause it to lose it elasticity and give it an aged look. With this cream, as per the official website, you will be able to fight back and stabilize your Vitamin C levels by applying it directly onto the skin which is actually 20 times more effective than simply taking Vitamin C orally.

The formula helps treat the skin surface with Vitamin C application allowing replenishment of vitamin levels and combating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This improves the skin tone, reduces sagging and uneven skin, as well as firms the overall structure of the skin.

Dermagen iQ

Ingredients in Dermagen IQ

There are 3 ingredients listed in the official website, though I am absolutely certain there are more which they do not disclose. One of the most common faults of similar websites is that they do not provide the full list of ingredients. We are actually lucky to even get these three listed considering how often I have had to try and figure out ingredients through 3rd party websites and by contacting the company direct.

  • Vitamin C – is essential for collagen production which is a key protein that aids in the growth process of blood vessels and sells. Collagen gives the skin the strength and firmness that allows it to look younger and healthier. Vitamin C also aids in the creation of scar tissue in addition to slowing the rate of damage by free-radicals which essentially helps the skin in self-repair.
  • Glycerin – this is a humectant which is used often in cosmetics and other personal care products as it has the ability to draw and attract water from the air. This in turn aids in the maintenance of the water balance in the skin on an intercellular level.
  • Cucumber Extract – this is a natural stringent is known for containing polyphonic compounds which are anti-oxidants. It helps protect skin from sunburns as well as aids in the protection of your skins moisture barrier.

All of the listed above ingredients really have been proven to be effective as well as safe. I cannot say for the rest of the ingredients in this product, but these alone can get the job done, at least as per my research.
Dermagen iQ

What Benefits can you Expect from Dermagen IQ

I think the benefits are pretty straightforward, but, as the website has been generous enough to list them I decided to break them down quickly:

  • Eliminate Dark Circles – helps remove puffiness by restoring nourishment by hydrating the area under the eye
  • Reduces Winkle Appearance – with a collagen and elastin boost the skin dermal structure is retained thus reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Boosts Hydration – ingredients help trap moisture in the skin which helps hydrate it and prevent peeling and cracking.
  • Counters Effects of Stress – damage from free radicals is prevented through a boost in skin immunity and helps eliminate any debris that may cause the skin to look discolored and dull.

In general, it helps prevent the drying and loss of elasticity by restoring collagen levels and boosting hydration. With age causing most of the breakdown of collagen a quality beauty product that helps boost it will enable you to maintain your skin firmer and healthier looking.

Buying Dermagen IQ

In order to purchase this product, you have to go through the official website. The initial charge is only £4.95 but that is only for their trial offer. By ordering the trial you will receive a full 30 day supply but have only 15 days to try it. If you are happy do nothing and you will be charged £78.49 for the month supply, and thereafter every month as you will receive a new supply monthly. If you are not happy with the results make sure you call within the 15 days that you are given (calendar starting from the day of order) and following the return instructions.

Though they are not too open about the terms of purchase, which is the reason many people deem such websites as scams, I cannot really say it’s a scam as the information is right there. As long as you are aware of the terms and final price, and are OK with it, then I do not think that the official Dermagen IQ website is a scam.

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