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How to buy a perfect coffee maker for home?

Making your own coffee is about to become even more convenient as newer and smarter coffee making units are introduced into the market. In this article, we review the best SCAA coffee makers and what makes them different from each other and superior to other products.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

By considering the following factors you should be able to find a superior quality home brewer that meets your needs:

SCAA certification

SCAA is short form for Specialty Coffee Association of America. It is a nonprofit organization whose players are drawn from every level of the coffee value chain. The SCAA primarily concerns itself with creating and maintaining standards in the global coffee industry.

The best SCAA coffee makers are the ones that meet the organization’s lofty global standards. According to the SCAA’s home brewer certification program, the requirements that have to be met for a coffee maker to be certified by the organization include:

  • Beverage preparation requirements
  • Brewing time requirements
  • Water temperature requirements
  • Uniformity of performance requirements
  • Uniformity of extraction requirements

Home brewers can only meet all these requirements if they are well-designed and engineered. All home brewers that end up getting an SCAA certification have the ability to brew a delicious cup of coffee every time they are powered on.

The good news is that all the products included in our review are SCAA certified. They are the best SCAA coffee makers out there so you do not need to spend more time researching.

Type of coffee machine

This is the second thing you must consider. There are multiple types of home brewers available on the market. The most popular ones include coffee capsule brewers, pump espresso machines, and drip coffee makers.

Each type of coffee machine has its own way of making coffee and the resulting cups of coffee are often subtly different from one another.

Moreover, the machines have other differences that you will also have to consider. For instance, coffee capsule brewers are known to be easy to use and mess-free, while pump espresso machines are known for brewing strong cups of coffee and for making several cups at a go.  Drip coffee makers are very convenient and even easier to use.

Decide what type is most suitable for your needs before making your purchase.

The “Smartness” of the coffee maker

Do you prefer getting your coffee ready without having to touch any dials in the morning? If so, then you should probably get yourself a smart coffee maker.

Some coffee makers are smart enough that you can schedule them to start making coffee for you before you wake up. This makes them convenient especially for those who have coffee the first thing in the morning. Others can switch themselves off a couple of minutes after making your coffee, helping you to keep your energy bill low. So if these benefits are important to you, you should definitely go for a smart coffee maker that can provide them.

Brewing capacity

If you are the rare type of coffee addict who drinks only one cup of coffee then you certainly don’t have to worry about brewing capacity since every coffee maker can at least make one cup of coffee at a go.

However, if you are like the rest of us and you drink four, five or six cups of coffee every day, then you probably need to confirm the brewing capacity of that coffee maker unit you want to buy.

If several members of your household also drink coffee, then you most definitely need to get one of the larger capacity coffee brewing machines that can make 10 or more cups of coffee at a go.

User friendliness

Most people want machines whose functions they can fully control. Therefore, make sure you check the controls to ascertain if everything you want to control is actually controllable in the unit you want to buy.

For example, some machines have brew-strength controls while others don’t. Machines with brew-strength control allow users to customize the strength of the coffee they make without having to get special beans.

In addition to controls, people also want machines that are fast and easy to maintain.

These are the exact kind of features I would be looking out for to ensure that the coffee maker I get can serve me the way I want it to.

Water filter

The taste of the coffee you brew will partly be determined by the quality of coffee beans and the quality of water you use.

The quality of coffee beans is often taken care of by manufacturers. Leading manufacturers have official tasters who make sure that their coffee beans taste right before packaging and distribution.

However, although your tap water may be tested by your water utility provider, it may have a taste or odor that may interfere with the quality of your coffee.  Hence, if you want coffee that tastes right, you should ensure that the coffee machine you are getting has a water filter that effectively removes impurities and funny odors.

Instructional video on how to use coffee makers

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